Saturday, June 20, 2009

New York Times Losses US Open

The New York Times has a propensity for lossing things. This time it's the US Open golf tournament, 2009 version. For some reason The Times thinks it's being played in Farmingdale, New York. In fact Bethpage State Park, where the Open is being played, is in Old Bethpage. Farmingdale is a village to the south and outside the park where the park's mail is sent.

It's pretty easy to not know where you are on New York State's Long Island, which sits right next to Manhattan. Bill O'Reilly and Billy Joel, who were practically neighbors growing up, like to say they're Levittowners -- part of working class suburbia. They lived in Levitt homes, but the homes were located just outside Levittown proper in the hamlets of Salisbury and Hicksville.

The Times holds itself out to be pretty careful about things. You'd think they'd want to know where they are when visiting a great sports venue. Turn's out they're no more careful than Bill O'Reilly or Billy Joel.

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